Who we are

We are a dedicated and determined team of professionals whose primary aim is to provide private investigators and those who work in related professions with a starting point for using the Internet in their daily work. The internet has a vast collection of resources and information for detectives to leverage to help solve cases, find missing people, conduct background checks, and help law enforcement solve crimes.

You can get our full registration information and other needed details on this website. We are fully transparent and honest in our dealings with clients. We offer specific services and believe in delivering results in the stipulated time frame. With our experience, expertise, and contacts, we know how to recover funds from scammers. A fund recovery service is investigative, analytic, probing, consultative, and reporting by nature. Our company is put together on a robust foundation of trust and conviction.

Our team

Our team is made up of crypto investigators, open-source specialist investigators, computer forensic experts, intelligence analysts, cyber security, and cyber forensic investigators.

Why choose us?

As modern technology is easily available to everyone, investors, traders, fund recovers, and scammers all work with it accordingly. Fanatic use of social media and online trading has opened up yet another door for one and all. We are living in the world of digital era. It is a sad truth that we are surrounded by scams. Notorious people are after our personal information and our money. Each day, an ordinary person is bombarded with thousands of advertisements, many of which are fake or unscrupulous. It is very difficult to judge which ads are real, and legitimate and which are scams. We have the right expertise and experience needed to solve the case. We have the needed software and tools to solve the case. We have the right people, the right strategies, the right commitment, the right tools, and the right techniques to solve any complex case around the globe. Scam victims hire our services after they have been duped by online fraudulent crimes to reclaim their lost or stolen funds from trading scams, fake merchants, clone websites, and offshore companies/brokers.